Show up

One of life’s most important lessons is to show up, to have the courage to put yourself out there. 
To be open to possible criticism or
Praise. Both require grace to accept.
To be the cynosure of all “assessing”eyes. Much growth comes from this.
Over time, several unexpected feedback from people have warmed my heart. In my quirky thots today I reflected on some of them.

A summary of some of their kind words, I inspire, of the top 1% (lol). Story for another Bling Lagosians day, and another that she admires all I’ve accomplished . 👀me?. Accomplished?. And they are proud of me. Hmmmm. 

A quick review and I realize my greatest accomplishment has just been finding the courage to SHOW UP, the courage to be me. Every thing else is just me having fun, living my life and exploring all of my expressions. Anyone can do this. What kickstarts it is just finding the courage for that first step. 

If I can positively impact you in any way let me encourage you to learn to JUST SHOW UP. That’s your part. The rest is…..providence. God. Life.

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