An established high performer with an excellent track record, Winifred is a Lawyer and experienced HR professional with over 20 years of work experience, largely in multinational environments. She is currently responsible for a large portfolio covering Human Resources, IT, Corporate Communications and Services, Government Relations, Legal and general administration and operations of the business.

Prior to joining Energia, she headed each of these sole functions: Human Resources, Legal, Admin, Corporate Communications and Services etc.

In her HR experience, she has served in all areas of the employment life cycle within the financial services industry, legal services, telecoms and FMCG sectors right from the base level to senior leadership/Executive management.

She has HR experience in the following areas: Business Partnering responsibilities, Performance Management, Organization and Talent Development, Career Management, Culture and Change programs, Learning Management, Workforce Management, Succession & Career planning, Industrial relations and Diversity at work.

I enjoy sharing my experience with people. Join my mentorship group and get a dynamic mentoring session. 

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