These rules

Who makes these rules?

What do you look like on social media?. 
Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, review your posts make sure your posts are in alignment with the personality you need to portray.

Notice that I said “need to”, not “want to”.

Sometimes you want to tell a particular story of your life but you need to be conscious of all the different roles you play and the different things you represent on your different platforms and find a balance and alignment with your messaging.

Do not tell a story that contradicts what you stand for or represent in any of your platforms.

However, while there is a need to be conscious of your image and brand, I’m not sure that I subscribe to the school of thought that it’s wrong to share certain aspects of our personal experiences if we feel comfortable to. (Contextually speaking of course).

Who makes these rules of engagement anyway?

Find the authentic self that you are proud of and can defend any day and simply be. 
Be you, be unique, be bold.

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