Understanding the Law of “wasted efforts” (adapted)

Lions only succeed in a quarter of their hunting attempts — which means they fail in 75% of their attempts and succeed in only 25% of them.

Half of the eggs of fish are eaten… half of the baby bears die before puberty… most of the world’s rains fall in oceans… and most of the seeds of trees are eaten by birds. 

Despite this small percentage of success shared by most predators, they don’t despair in their pursuit and hunting attempts. The lion is still rated the strongest, greatest animal in the forest.

All this is based on the understanding of “the Law of wasted efforts”

Scientists have found that animals, trees & other forces of nature are more receptive to the law of “wasted efforts”. 

Only humans think that the lack of success in a few attempts is failure… but the truth is that: we only fail when we “stop trying”.

Success is not to have a life free of pitfalls and falls… but success is to walk over your mistakes and go beyond every stage where your efforts were wasted looking forward to the next stage. 

Never stop at any stage of difficulty. Keep moving, keep thinking, keep trying. And above all, keep praying. 

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